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Thursday, January 24, 2019

How to Make Laptop Battery Last Longer

by on 11:43 PM
How to Make Laptop Battery Last Longer

If you want to learn how to make your laptop battery last longer then you can do this without spending any money. Many people who want learn how to make their laptop battery last longer are not usually doing anything that is too much on the CPU. That means that the laptop is simply wasting energy being fast when it doesn't really need to. There are features that can be used in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 to balance this but they are not always as dependable as you would think when it comes to making your laptop battery last longer.

If you want get the most out of your laptop battery then you will have to use the laptop BIOS settings to help you. You will need to access this menu as soon as you power up your laptop. That means you will need to figure out which button your laptop responds to before Windows starts up. This button is usually ESC, F1, F2, or DEL. Of course, this button can be different from those, but those are the most common.

In the laptop BIOS settings you can change the settings for the operation of the CPU. Instead of allow the CPU to switch to and from speeds, you can simply force the CPU to be always low. In most cases, that is more than enough to do things other than play video games. This will greatly increase laptop CPU battery performance. The laptop CPU is usually the part of the laptop that drains the most energy so the laptop CPU battery usage is almost always a major part of the laptop battery life. Aside with helping with laptop battery usage, this will also increase the life of the laptop itself since it will also be operating at a much lower temperature than normal.

Another thing that you can do in the laptop BIOS settings is force the screen brightness to be low even when the AC adapter is plugged in. Any type of light that bright is assured to drain a lot of energy regardless if it is on a laptop or not so that is a great way to prolong laptop battery life. You can also disable error beeping, remove unnecessary boot devices, and disable any device that you know that you are going to use anytime soon to prolong laptop life. Individually, those things are minute but they add up when you perform all of them at once. Need more laptop caring tips? is a good resource to know more about Laptop battery caring tips.

What do you do to ensure long lasting for your laptop battery? Let me know in the comment section.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

FotoJet Designer Has Everything You Need to Create Graphic Designs

by on 11:54 PM
Graphic designing is not actually an easy task especially for those who don’t have much design skill and experience. Having a designer to help you and paying them money is yet another expenditure. That is where much graphic design software like FotoJet Designer comes to your rescue.

What Is FotoJet Designer?

FotoJet Designer is a powerful yet easy to use graphic design app that bundles a multitude of templates to help you design eye-catching social media graphics, banners, cards, and posters.

It gives everyone the ability to design like a Pro even with no professional skill. Whether a design novice or a highly experienced designer, you will always find inspiration in FotoJet Designer.

How to Use FotoJet Designer?

Download the app on their developer site. It runs on Mac and Windows computers.

Once the program is installed, you are met with a clean and straightforward user interface that anyone can navigate with minimum effort.

On the popup window, you can see lots of well-designed templates arranged into several categories, such as Facebook Cover, YouTube Channel Art, Poster, Card, Invitation, Banner and Magazine Cover. Choose any category and then open templates to start. To be more creative, you can start from a blank custom page.

Next, you have full control over your work, adding photos, texts, clip art, shapes, and effects at will.

When you get your final satisfaction, save or share with the world via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Highlighted features that I like:

  • Fast, Powerful and Easy to Use.
  • Thousands of templates and resources to choose from.
  • Lots of powerful editing tools that work fast and efficiently.
  • Anyone can create unique and professional designs with only a few clicks and with minimum effort.
  • Personalize graphic designs freely.

What Makes FotoJet a Worthy Choice?

Straightforward Interface 

FotoJet’s clean and simple interface makes it a prime choice, especially for the newbies and those who are technically less fluent. You just need to have basic computer skills to be able to use the tool.

Templates & Resources

FotoJet Templates & Resources

There are over 900 professionally designed templates to choose from and thousands of clipart images, text fonts, word art, backgrounds, lines & shapes, which can be applied with simple clicks.

Easy Personalization

FotoJet Easy Personalization

The ease of personalizing your graphic is amazing! Freely move, resize, and rotate photos to make them fit perfectly. There are many photo effects available for enhancing your photos. You are able to add text freely and customize it by changing the font, size, color, style, and effect. Your designing possibilities are endless.

How to Get This Program?

For windows users, you have free downloads. To get a full version, you can buy a license key.

Personal License - The personal license is available on a single computer. The charges would be $ 39.99. You will get free lifetime updates.

Family License - The Family license would enable you to use it on up to five computers. You will also get free lifetime update. In addition, you will get free priority support.

All the purchases carry a 30-day money back guarantee.


FotoJet Designer is a noteworthy app you can turn to when you are intent on creating inspiring designs for your cards, flyers, invitations, posters, banners, and whatnot. If you are looking for a tool that is quick enough in letting you create graphics, FotoJet Designer is the perfect companion for your requirements.

Does Black Hat SEO Really Work?

by on 6:56 AM
In the field of search engine optimization (SEO), there are three kinds of techniques webmasters may follow in order to help attain good page rankings: white hat, gray hat, and black hat SEO. While we all know that white hat SEO deals more on the quality and relevance of content on the site, and gray hat techniques focus more on methods that stand in between the white hat and the black hat. Black hat SEO meanwhile is not actually recommended since while it can produce positive results instantly, it can eventually put your site on peril because of the violations you would be incurring by following their techniques. But as to your site’s performance metrics, does black hat SEO really work? 

black white hat seo
Before we come with an answer to that question, let us first review the common techniques which fall under black hat SEO:


Page cloaking is among the common practice among webmasters who want to earn high page rankings in a short period of time. In cloaking, you use an automated script that shows a different web page to a search engine spider (Googlebot) from that of a human user. In the black hat perspective, cloaking increases the page views of an unpopular site at a faster rate, hence increasing its ranking in search engines. Cloakers give fake pages to bots or spiders, these pages filled up with keywords making them search-engine friendly, while at the same time providing the real web page to actual users.

Invisible text

Another black hat technique is the use of invisible text. This is the use of hard to read texts (either the fonts are too small or of the same color as the background) which are actually links that when clicked accidentally, redirects the visitor to another site (usually ad sites). Invisible texts are effective for pay-per-click ads, however they do tend to trick users who may not want to visit the ad in the first place.

Doorway pages

Some SEO firms prefer practicing the use of doorway pages in order to achieve high site rankings. There are sites which open on pages with no content, but it will redirect you to the actual destination page.


Spam are worthless web pages with nothing on them; they are created for the sole purpose of attaining high rankings in the search engines. They pose to contain the information you are looking for, but rather show up to be pages filled with a myriad of advertisements which you may find annoying.

Keyword stuffing

In keyword stuffing, the webpage is filled with keywords, even paragraphs containing keywords that don’t make any sense. Like the other methods, keyword stuffing is meant to improve the site’s rankings since the use of keywords are SEO friendly.

Actually, these techniques do bring about drastic changes in your site once you apply them. The main goal of these methods is to increase your site’s page ranking in search engines and search results in keyword-based inquiries. As stated earlier, there are SEO companies who prefer to use some of these techniques mainly because they are easier and bring in the results faster. Hence, if you are desperate enough to change the current status of your site, then these techniques can actually help you.

It doesn’t really matter which technique you use in improving your website; the white, gray and black hat methods provide you with almost the same results. However, search engines do have their own rules and regulations which you have to conform with. Google as well as other search engines have set up these conditions to maintain justice and fair play amidst the competition of different sites found in the internet. Also, black hat methods in a way trick human users by not providing them with the things that they are asking for, or giving them things which they don’t need.

Using these techniques can easily end the life of your site, since search engines have imposed penalties to those caught doing these practices. These penalties range from suspension of the site to actual termination of the site. Given so, it is better to stay away from these techniques since despite providing you with instant results, in the long run they can damage your business and put all your efforts into waste.

Author bio:

Beatrice Howell, writer and editor for
A high qualification, experience in students newspapers, Beatrice works with dissertations, essays, articles, reviews, summaries and other students work, help in university selection and preparation to entry exams.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Types of Websites - Portal - News - Informational - Business - Educational - Entertainment - Advocacy - Personal

by on 4:02 AM

Types of Websites - Portal - News - Informational - Business - Educational - Entertainment - Advocacy - Personal

Portal Websites

Portal is a website that provides different types of Internet services such as:

  • Search engine
  • Sports and weather
  • Reference tools
  • Maps
  • Auctions
  • News
  • Free web publishing services
  • Stock quotes
  • Shopping malls
  • Emails

Some portals contain information for general public and provide information for specific group like laywers, doctors etc. A website for specific group of people with similar interests is called Web Community. Some popular portals are Yahoo, AltaVista, America Online, Excite, The Microsoft Network and Netscape. A type of portal is specifically designed for web enabled devices. It is known as Wireless Portal. Wireless portal provide all facilities to mobile users.

News Websites

News website provides different types of news related to current affairs, politics, sports, weather etc. They provide stories, articles and other material. Popular magazines and newspapers provide the news on website.

Informational Websites

An informational website provides information with facts and figures. Governments provide information about different departments and policies for general public.

Business/Marketing Websites

A business/marketing website provides material to promote its products and services. Today, most business companies have websites. The customers can view the product and interact with the company. Many companies provides facilities of online shopping using the Internet.

Educational Websites

Educational websites provides material related to the teaching and learning.
Many websites provides online training classes where people can learn different skills. Colleges and universities provide information about classes, admission on their websites. Educational institutes also display results and course material on their websites.

Entertainment Websites

Entertainment websites provide material for recreation and enjoyment. These websites provide music, videos, sports, games and chats. Many websites also provide online shows, live sports.

Advocacy Websites

Advocacy websites provide material to convince people on a cause, opinion or idea. Some websites represents the view point of a particular community or group. Some intend to create awareness in the people about a particular cause.

Personal Websites

Personal websites contain material of and individual or a family. People publish personal websites to share their views with others, to seek job or just for fun.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Growth of Ecommerce industry in India - An Insight

by on 7:32 AM
How instantly we make our mind to buy certain products online which is giving the highest discount? We, do without second thought. Isn’t it? Considering the shift from traditional shopping to online one, the craze these days for online shoppers is more towards searching for the products with the highest tag of associated cashback offers, discounts and deals. Why not, when the users are enjoying this new found way of possibly saving a lot of their money with every single shopping they do.

So, how ecommerce industry is able to register growth of roughly 35% every year?

There are so many offers and deals waiting for you to grab them that you literally want to shop the entire list. I mean, they are too enticing to be refused and this is a thing, which creates quite a marketing mechanism for companies whose modes of profit results from "mass sales".

Online industry has bridged the gap by creating an affordable mechanism for buyers to go for branded products

If I can say about myself, I was quite poor at bargaining during the days of traditional shopping. However, the glorifying journey which online shopping has offered seems to help me save a lot. Even the branded products which were very expensive, perhaps an impossible thing for middle class people like me, has now turned to be so cost effective after available promocode discount bash.

Considering the digitalized world we are heading, where all of us have smartphones to book anything from the comfort of our home be it railways or movie tickets, order food etc. Online shopping has actually fulfilled the expectations of masses where they don't have to take out time from their busy schedule.

One can shop at any time, it is so easy that even older generations who have never been so aware about the smartphone’s functioning, can be seen booking products with ease and are paying cash on delivery.

Rural areas are not de-attached from online industry

So, the usual misconception of how Indians by and large take it forward has ended a long time back and since many years, the online industry is only growing in leaps and bounds. Yes, this growth couldn’t have been possible without the love and support of people even from rural areas who are now actively seen purchasing products.

There are hot deals for specific time which may end in few hours. Then they are deals on weekends and likewise, lots and lots of offers continuously displaying with them.

Final words

Now, the biggest drawback which one used to face towards the last days of month due to mis-management of money will end once and for all. Yes, you will be in a budget. According to a saying, "money saved is money earned". So, your earnings will indirectly improve with all the savings in store for you. We, Indians are traditionally known towards making ways to save money and this new shift (which is also seeing a continuous rise) will continue to create smiles on the faces of Indians for ages to come.

I am Jessica, a blogger, passionate about writing articles related to travel, Fashion, Health and technology. Apart from writing blogs, I love to explore the world by visiting different places and share my experiences with people. Now I am working for an e-commerce website that provides Amazon, Jabong, latest Myntra, paytm, freecharge, eBay coupons and many more hot deals.

What is Scripting Language? Popular Scripting Languages

by on 6:40 AM

What is Scripting Language? Popular Scripting Languages - Java, JavaScript, VBScript, PERL, DHTML, XML, XHTML, WML, The .NET Platform , Web Page Authoring Software

Scripting Languages

A type of language used to write scripts is called scripting language. Scripting languages are used with interpreter. It mean that a program developed with a scripting language must be run in the environment that contain the interpreter of scripting language. It can not be executed as a stand alone application. Scripting language is easy to learn.
Different scripting languages are as follows:


Java is a popular object oriented programming language. It was developed by Sun Microsystem. It is used to write stand alone applications, applets and servlets. Java source code is compiled into bytecode instead of object code. Bytecode can not be executed by operating system. It is executed by Java Interpreter.
The code use to create Java application is called JavaBeans or Beans. It is a platform independent and can run on different types of computers or operating systems.


JavaScript is an interpreted language that is used to add dynamic content in web pages. It is used to include messages, scrolling text, animations, menu, pop-up windows etc. JavaScript is directly embedded in HTML.
JavaScript was developed by Sun Microsystems and Netscape Communicator. It is an open language. It can be used without purchasing. Netscape supports JavaScript and Internet Explorer supports JScript. JScript is a subject of JavaScript.


VBScript is an interpreted language that is used to add dynamic contents in a web pages. It is used to add dynamic content in web pages. It is used to include messages, scrolling text, animations, menu, pop-up windows etc. VBScript is directly embedded in HTML.


PERL stands for Practical Extraction and Report Language. It was developed by Larry Wall at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It is a powerful language for writing scripts.


DHTML stands for Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language. It is used to add dynamic contents and interactivity in web pages. It is used to apply colors and add animations etc. It uses Documents Object Model (DOM), style sheets and scripting languages.

Document Object Model: It defines the content of web page and objects. It considers fonts, graphics, and tables as objects.
Style Sheet: Style sheet contain the characteristics ot a document. Cascading style sheet
contains the formatting details of each object in the document. Different style sheets can be used for applying different formatting to different objects.
Scripting Language: Scripting language is used to munipulates the object as different events occur.


XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. It allows developers to create customized tags. It is used to sent complete record from server to the client that reduces network traffic. It can be used to create a link that points to multiple websites. It uses Extensible Stylesheet Language (XLS) as its style sheet specification.


XHTML stands for Extensible Hypertext Markup Language. It combines the formatting strengths of HTML 4.0 and the data structure and extensibility strengths of XML. It uses the tags and attributes of HTML along with syntax of XML. The first version of XHTML was released in 2000. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) sets the standards for XHTML and other internet languages.


WML stands for wireless markup language. It is used to design web pages for microbrowser. It is mostly used for handheld computers cellular telephones and pagers. It uses Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) as standard. WAP defines how wireless devices communicate with the Web.

The .NET Platform

.NET Platform is created by Microsoft. It is used to develop applications with XML Web Services. These services are used to share data between Web Applications created in any programming language and any operating system. It provides easier way of communication.
.NET applications run under any web browser and any type of .NET compliant smart client. A computer or a device that can access XML Web Services is called .NET Compliant Smart Client. Different .NET compliant smart clients are personal computers, notebooks, handheld computers, web enabled telephones, tablet PC and Xbox.
Tablet PC is a mobile computer that uses Windows XP operating system. It supports pen input and provide voice recognition facility. Xbox is video game console. It provides the facility to update games regularly. It allows interacting with other games via broadband internet connection.
Visual Studio .NET (VS .NET) is a set of tools to develop applications for .NET Platform. It provides editors for cascading style sheets, XML and HTML. It supports more than 25 programming languages. Visual Basic .NET (VB .NET), Visual C++ .NET and Visual C# .NET are three popular languages.

Web Page Authoring Software

Web page Authoring Software is used to develop web pages with graphical images, video, audio, animations, etc. It is also called HTML editor. It also generates HTML tags as the user design web pages. HTML tags can be customized to modify the look of web page. Popular web page Authoring Software are Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe GoLive and Macromedia Flash.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

What are Cookies - HTTP, Web and Browser Cookie -Temporary Cookie -Permanent Cookie

by on 12:03 AM

What are Cookies - HTTP, Web and Browser Cookie -Temporary Cookie -Permanent Cookie


A cookie is used to maintain information about a user state. Cookies can be used to store user preferences and user information that can be used across pages in the website. A cookie is also known as web cookie, browser cookie and HTTP cookie.
A cookie is stored as text string on the computer. A web server sends a cookie and the browser stores it. The browser returns the cookie to the server when the page is referenced again. The most common use of the cookie is to store the user ID. A cookie may contain the string such as ID=123456789

Types of Cookies

Cookies can be temporary and presistent.

Temporary Cookie

Temporary Cookie is also called session cookie. It is stored temporarily in the browser memory and is deleted when the session ends or the browser is closed.

Permanent Cookie

Permanent cookie is also call presistent cookie. It is stored permanently on the computer's hard drive. If it is deleted, it will recreated when the user visits the website again.

Uses of Cookies

Cookies are used for different purposes such as follows:

  • Most websites use them for personalization of user preferences. For example a news website may allow the user to customize the page to display the news of his interests. The website store user preferences in cookies.
  • Some websites also use cookies to store user's password. The user do no need to enter the password again and again.
  • Some websites use cookies to track visits of users and web pages visited by the users.
  • Online shopping websites generally use session cookies to keep track of item in user's shopping cart.
  • Some websites may use cookies to target advertisement. These websites store a user's interest and browsing habits in the cookie and display related ads on the pages.

Browser Setting for Cookies

The browser can be set to accept cookies as follows:

  • The user can set the browser to accept the cookies automatically.
  • It can be set to prompt the user to accept a cookie.
  • It can be set to disable the use of cookies altogether. However, the user may not be able to use many e-commerce websites if cookies are disabled.

Privacy Concerns About Cookies

Webmasters obtain information about user's IP addresses, browser type, last pages visited using cookies. It allows Web server to recognize a user who has already visited website from the same computer. It allows the compilation of user profile and large amounts of data related to the interests of the user.
Advertisers and webmasters are currently using cookies to develop detailed profiles of users and their browsing habits. Each click on a particular type of page in a website is added to the profile. The information is primarily used for website design and placement of banner advertisements. However, this information can be sold for other commercial purpose that creates a concern to personal privacy.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Difference Between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

by on 6:55 AM

Difference Between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is set of techniques that provide an upgraded presentation and usefulness for World Wide Web. It provides more opportunities for individuals to collaborates, interact with one another and create new content using applications like blogs, wikis and podcasts.

Blogs and Vlogs

Blog stands for Web log. It is a website that contain a writer’s reflections and comments. Many free websites provides the facility to set up a blog such as Vlog stands for video log. It is the set of personal videos. Many Vlogs are posted on YouTube.


A Wiki is an online information source that can be edited, deleted or modified by anyone. A wiki may contains errors and it should not be used as primary research source. The most popular Wiki is Wikipedia.

Podcasts and Vodcasts

A podcast is a combination of words iPod and broadcast. It is a program in digital format available for download and replay. Most podcasts are available for free. iTunes is popular source. A user can create podcast with software and a microphone. Vodcast stands for video podcast. It refers to online delivery of video clip on demand.
Some popular video sharing websites are as follows:
  • YouTube
  • iTunes
  • iTunes Higher Education

Social Networking

 Social networking is a group of individuals creating a community. It is used to share pictures and common interests. Some examples of social networking sites are as follows:
  • LinkedIn
  • Ning
  • Digg
  • RSS Feeds


A tag is a user generated word or phrase that helps in organizing Web content. Web developers refer to these tags help in locating a Web page or blog when people search.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools assist people work online as team. Google Docs allows Web based collaboration on Word documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is next generation of the Web. It is believed to make search tasks faster and easier by acting personal assistant. The browser may remember the interest of the user while browsing. The user can be less specific in the searches.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Difference Between Intranet And Extranet

by on 1:39 AM

Intranet is an internal network of an organization that uses internet technologies. It is normally use to provide the information or the organization to the employees. It is small internet within an organization. It uses TCP/IP technologies and has a web server. It also support multimedia webpages that are viewed in a web browser. Some intranet may also provide access to the internet. Some organizations also use extranet. It allows the customers to access a part of the intranet.

Extranet is a collection of two or more intranets. Different organizations can use extranet to share the information of their intranet. An organization can apply security measures to provide limited access to the employees of other organization using the extranet.

Difference Between Intranet And Extranet


  • Intranet contains the information of one organization.
  • Intranet is used to provide information to the employees.


  • Extranet may have the information of two or more organizations.
  • Extranet is used to share information with other organizations.

Friday, January 4, 2019

What Is Web Hosting And How Does It Work

by on 7:42 AM

What Is Web Hosting And How Does It Work

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that provides space on the internet to store web pages. Different organizations provide the facility of web hosting. Some websites also provide this facility free of cost. A website must be hosted on a Web server to be accessible all over the world.

Web Hosting Services

A good website hosting company will provide at least the following services.

• Technical Support
• FTP access to update website
• A number of email accounts
• Online control panel for managing website
• A database management system such as MySQL or MS SQL
• Specialized server applications such as ColdFusion, SQL Server or PHP (if required)

Types of Web Hosting

Different types of Web Hosting are as follows:

1: Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is type of hosting in which website is hosted on a server with many other websites. However, the website is configured as a separate website on the server with its own domain name etc. The benefit of shared hosting is that it is cost effective.

2: Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server hosts one or more websites of only one user. It gives more control over a website. It can also ensure that other websites do not impact on the website. However, the dedicated servers are much more expensive than shared hosting. It should only be used if the website receives very heavy traffic or the user requires extra security etc. The user can login to a dedicated server like a personal computer.

3: Virtual Dedicated Server

Virtual dedicated servers are low cost alternative to dedicated servers. The web host can put many virtual servers on each machine to reduce cost. It appears to be dedicated server when the user login to a virtual server.

4: Managed Hosting

A managed hosting means that user has a dedicated server and the website hosting provider manages the server for the user. Typically, the hosting provider is responsible for the hardware, operating system and virus protection etc. However, the user has total control over the machine and website content.

Web Hosting Technologies

Different web hosting technologies are as follow:

Windows Hosting

Windows hosting is the hosting of web services running on windows operating system. It should be used if the user wants to use ASP (Active Server Pages) as server scripting or a database like Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server. Windows hosting is also the best to develop website using Microsoft Front Page.

Unix Hosting

Unix Hosting is the hosting of services running on Unix operating system. Unix was first web server operating system. It is known for reliability and stability. It is also less expensive that windows.

Linux Hosting

Linux Hosting is the hosting of services running on Linux operating system.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

How To Download YouTube Videos 5 Methods

by on 7:32 AM

In this article I’m going to tell you how to download YouTube videos online.

Method 1:
Open the video and copy the link of the video you want to download and then open the site clickconverter.ccthis is a very powerful website just paste the link and click on the continue and then you will see there are different types of options available for download like 320p, 440p, 720HD, 1020HD. Then choose the format you want to download. Then click start. Then click on download. When you click on download sometimes it takes you to the new window. Just close that window and click on download again.

Method 2:
Another website is just copy the link and paste the link in the bar. Click on download and select video quality. After that close that video and click on download button and then save link as. After some time select where you want to download and then download will start.
Method 3:
Another website from where you can download the YouTube video is It is also similar to the above mentioned sites. Just paste the link and click on the arrow button and then select the quality of the video where you want to download choose the format and destination folder.

Method 4:
Another site to download YouTube video is a software name clip grab. Download the software first and then open it paste the link of the video and choose quality and format.

Method 5:
The last is the famous of all that is idm. Download the software idm using any site and crack it. Once the idm is crack integrate its module in the browser. Once you open YouTube idm will itself provide the options to download the video with the quality and formats. 

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