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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Types of Websites - Portal - News - Informational - Business - Educational - Entertainment - Advocacy - Personal

Types of Websites - Portal - News - Informational - Business - Educational - Entertainment - Advocacy - Personal

Portal Websites

Portal is a website that provides different types of Internet services such as:

  • Search engine
  • Sports and weather
  • Reference tools
  • Maps
  • Auctions
  • News
  • Free web publishing services
  • Stock quotes
  • Shopping malls
  • Emails

Some portals contain information for general public and provide information for specific group like laywers, doctors etc. A website for specific group of people with similar interests is called Web Community. Some popular portals are Yahoo, AltaVista, America Online, Excite, The Microsoft Network and Netscape. A type of portal is specifically designed for web enabled devices. It is known as Wireless Portal. Wireless portal provide all facilities to mobile users.

News Websites

News website provides different types of news related to current affairs, politics, sports, weather etc. They provide stories, articles and other material. Popular magazines and newspapers provide the news on website.

Informational Websites

An informational website provides information with facts and figures. Governments provide information about different departments and policies for general public.

Business/Marketing Websites

A business/marketing website provides material to promote its products and services. Today, most business companies have websites. The customers can view the product and interact with the company. Many companies provides facilities of online shopping using the Internet.

Educational Websites

Educational websites provides material related to the teaching and learning.
Many websites provides online training classes where people can learn different skills. Colleges and universities provide information about classes, admission on their websites. Educational institutes also display results and course material on their websites.

Entertainment Websites

Entertainment websites provide material for recreation and enjoyment. These websites provide music, videos, sports, games and chats. Many websites also provide online shows, live sports.

Advocacy Websites

Advocacy websites provide material to convince people on a cause, opinion or idea. Some websites represents the view point of a particular community or group. Some intend to create awareness in the people about a particular cause.

Personal Websites

Personal websites contain material of and individual or a family. People publish personal websites to share their views with others, to seek job or just for fun.

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