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Sunday, March 31, 2019

How to Convert Image to Text on iOS and Android

by on 7:41 AM
Can you imagine your life without smartphones? Probably you can, but it would be a catastrophe. How would you connect with your family and friend from anywhere? How would you take a quick selfie whenever it is a good moment? How would you remember to do all the things from your list? In a nutshell, mobile phones have become indispensable gadgets today that make our life much easier.

Another occasion where smartphones give us a hand and make our life easier is note taking. Nowadays you don't have to lose time on trying to find paper and pen to write down notes, contacts or schedules. Just snap a photo of them and there you go. All important data is preserved quickly and effortlessly. Also, all notes are always at your fingertips given that your mobile phone is always by your side.

However, apart from these positive aspects, there is, unfortunately, a downside, too. For instance, those pieces of information are unusable since they are locked inside the image format. So, when you want to speed up the process and directly copy them to make a call or to forward them through email, you need to do it manually and to squander your time additionally.

Luckily, there is a quick fix for this issue. Image to Text app will accurately convert your images into editable text files. In that way, your data won't be sealed and you'll be able to use it further. Besides, this productivity app has many other helpful features:

  • First-rate recognition and conversion quality
  • No limitations on the file size or number of converted files
  • Screenshots can be converted as well
  • Easily share converted documents or open them in another app
  • Converted documents are editable so, if it's needed, you can quickly make small adjustments in any text editor on your phone or a computer
In addition, Image to Text has a very clear and user-friendly interface. Therefore, it's adapted for every user type. So, let's cut a long story short and let's see how to convert image to text on mobile devices.

  • Firstly, download Image to Text from App Store or Google Play
  • Select a photo you'd like to convert or take a new picture
  • Finally, you'll find your text among converted files
How to Convert Image to Text on iOS and Android

A positive side is that the file is being converted on the servers, so the entire conversion won’t drain your battery. Also, the file is deleted right after the conversion, therefore your data is safe and protected.

The only thing left to do is to download this helpful app and to get the most of your notes!

How To Maximize Your Content's Reach

by on 12:58 AM
Today, even the largest organizations and companies struggle with creating successful content marketing strategies. So of course, it’s no surprise that a business with a strict budget and minimal resources can find themselves facing an uphill battle when it comes to creating a solid content marketing strategy.

When it comes to content marketing, creating content can be a challenge in itself. The real challenge, however, comes with what you do with the content after it’s been published. A good publishing strategy is what determines the success of any content marketing effort. When factors like budget get in the way, the key is to tactfully maneuver available resources and create a smarter distribution strategy that will align with your needs. This will ensures that you're getting the most use out of your content efforts without burning a hole through your pocket.

If you're looking for the best way to utilize your resources and improve your content marketing strategy, here are 3 low-cost distribution tactics that can help:

Establish Syndication Ties

To reach a larger audience on a budget, get your content syndicated with popular publishers or social influencers within your industry. These channels will allow you to share content to their audiences. There’s no sure-fire way to promise a syndication partnership with a major publisher, but a few strategies can help you pitch your content.

Start by identifying publishers who publish content that aligns with your target market’s interests and then develop content that aligns with the desires of both audiences. A tech company could write a detailed article about their industry that would appeal to the interests of platforms such as The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

Be sure to establish a rapport with editors before beginning your conversation with a request for a favor. Instead, work to show what value you can provide them to help reach their goals. This approach will help you to establish long-term relationships with these editors. As you move forward, share your content with an editor from the desired publisher and give them the rights to republish the content to their readers.

Go For Low-Cost Paid Promotions

Organic reach and engagement metrics on social media are increasingly becoming underwhelming. These days, simply promoting content on social channels is not enough to build an engaged audience, drive conversions, and/or meet key marketing benchmarks. So if you find yourself limited by a tight budget, you ought to consider using paid adverts to promote your content, especially when it comes to content that consistently drives revenue or create sales opportunities.

Start by experimenting with Facebook ads or Pinterest promoted pins to determine which tactics will help you to fulfill your business goals and align with your budget concerns. Both platforms have been proven to drive results for business of all sizes and industries. Be sure to use a limited budget across all of your advertising platforms to keep financial risk at a minimum. This will help you to focus on establishing methods to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. This will help you to understand which channels will be the most effective for your business while preventing you from blowing through your budget all at once. As soon as you find a strategy that produces positive returns, scale your efforts.

Curate Content That Is Relevant

Crafting content can get pricey relatively quickly sometimes. Most businesses with limited budgets often struggle to push original content across all of their networks on a regular basis. This problem often results in gaps to editorial calendars and more often than not, leads to missed opportunities of engagement with their audience. To ensure you close any gaps in your content strategy, consider curating or republishing content from industry thought leaders, social influencers, your customers or even content from other businesses within your space. Always be sure that this content is in alignment with the interests of your customer base and done sparingly. Ensure that your site has has more original content than ones that are curated. Remember, your audience wants to be fed original content.

Adding a content curation strategy to your marketing efforts can help you create a consistent stream of relevant content to share with your audience without the financial effects that come with producing original content daily. It’s an effective technique for filling the gaps in your calendar and establishing relationships within your industry.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

A Quick Guide on Earning Affiliate Income by Promoting Affiliate Products on your Blog

by on 5:50 AM

If you have recently started a blog and wish to make some profits out of it, affiliate marketingis one of the most beneficial ways to accomplish your goals. This type of marketing allows you to choose your product based on your blog’s niche, create content for that product to spread awareness and attract audience, and when any of that audience purchases the product via the affiliate link, you receive commission for the referral credit. If you are a beginner and lost with the entire process you may find the best affiliate marketing software for instance, LeadDyno that can help promote your products via their wide affiliate network.

If you are well acquainted with the affiliate marketing concept and how it works, you must move to the next step that is different ways of promoting affiliate products on your blog to earn the maximum revenue. While there are the traditional methods of promotion of the products that is, via email marketing and PPC marketing, my post will discuss on the ways to sell the affiliate products effectively using different affiliate marketing promotion tips that will help you earn revenue over the period.

Using affiliate links

Promotion via blog post is one of the most popular ways of marketing the affiliate products. For this you need to create an engaging content related to the product and place the affiliate link at places of high sustainability. For example, if you are writing about “Top Fashion Apparels in 2017”, you can add your own experience of buying apparels from the merchant blog and how good it was.

Write a detailed tutorial content

Tutorials or How-To articles are one of the proven ways of promoting affiliate products. Especially if it’s a tech article that needs step by step guidance, a well written tutorial post does the trick. These types of articles are useful for the readers and can stay relevant for long thus, improving your search engine ranking.

Write affiliate product reviews

Writing product reviews is another great way to attract your audience. A well written review article on the affiliate product for example, makeup reviews, gadget reviews, etc. introduces the readers with the product. Reviews help people understand the pros and cons of the product, how beneficial it would be for them, if it’s affordable, and if they should buy it. Therefore, an effective review post must be honest in approach with a balanced point of view stating both the pros and cons; should sound personal since people want personal suggestions in a review article; and always select a product that you personally like. 

Get Traffic from Facebook Ads

Facebook have made things a lot convenient these days with it’s targeted ads. However, your content needs to be of really high quality to get some traffic from these ads. Although you have to spend a bit on these ads, it’s still worth it considering if you get a pretty handsome payout for the affiliate product like over $50. What more do you want if you are getting the desired sales and you are attracting enough web traffic.

Write featured posts for the affiliate products

Featured posts are those blogs or articles that are published on the home page. These posts are intended to grab maximum attention and so, must be of high-quality. Not just that, it will also increase the visibility of the affiliate products along with the articles which is a prerequisite. From a blog post to a review article, it can be anything that has the capability to attract traffic and conversions. 

Share coupon codes of affiliate products

Discounts or coupons are what every customer looks for when out for some shopping because every one wants to save some money. Online customers also look for coupon codes by running a quick search on the search engine such as “Amazon discount coupons” or “Wordpress coupons”, and so on before they make a purchase. So, when a reader buys using a coupon you are still earning a commission. While you share the coupons on your monthly blog post, make sure that the reader clinks on the affiliate link and buys the product, or you will not be receiving any commission.

Add the affiliate product in your related mailing list

Once readers sign up for your mailing list, this would be one of your best ways to earn that added affiliate income by promoting your affiliate product on the list. From a single email to batch emails you can create a request for as many as you want at a time with a good affiliate marketing service.

Use an affiliate marketing software

Affiliate management software like LeadDyno not only helps you to set up an affiliate website as soon as you sign up, but also hosts it for you assisting you to get new affiliates to your website. You can even seek their help to get connected to the wide network of affiliates who will be more than happy to promote your products for you.

Make use of sidebar banners

Banners have been a classic way of promoting affiliate products on your website. This not just helps get more traffic, but also generates profits out of it. The new rule is to use the banner ads at the sidebar for promoting he affiliate products. However, make sure that you get variation to your banner ads with attractive graphics signifying the product you are selling.

Add a backlink to your tutorial in places of high sustainability

Creating back links for your most popular posts/tutorials (related to the affiliate products) on your current blog post is another great way to promote your affiliate product. So, for instance, if you have written a guest post on a renowned website, it would be natural for you to write an article on your website that lets you mention that guest post.

Do you know your product well?

There are many affiliates who have gained success because they are pro at using the products they sell. For example, one of the affiliates has in-depth knowledge about mobile phones and so, he is really good in selling anything related to the mobile phones. Although he would not directly sell a Samsung or an iPhone, because he is really good at the inside details about a phone it makes it easier for him to sell similar products and earn a lot.
While these are the tried and tested strategies to be successful in promoting an affiliate product, there’s a lot more that you can do like use a trusted affiliate marketing software, posting a comparison article, offer product discounts, mention the affiliate products in the featured post, create videos, and so on. So, keep testing different ideas, find the most suitable method for you and appreciate those earnings.

8 Astonishing Facts About Technology

by on 12:35 AM
Technology and its constant progress throughout history is quite fascinating, and over the last few decades the progress has been incredibly fast-paced and mesmerizing. There are a lot of things in the world of technology that make it so filled with awe, let's take a look at a few facts related to technology and what to expect from it in the near future.

The Origins of Amazon

The whole world knows Amazon as THE online store to go to if you want to buy anything. However, when Amazon first started out in 1994 it began as a bookstore, from here it slowly evolved into the all in one online store that it is today.

The First Braille Printer

A young teenager known as Shubham Banarjee just invented the first ever low-cost braille printer out of Lego bricks. The printer is called the "Braigo" and holds a lot of potential as the foundation of affordable braille printers that might be available on a larger scale in the near future, providing blind people with access to more reading material.

3D Printing is Older Than You Think

We all think of 3D printing as a relatively recent invention that only came out a couple of years ago. However, the truth is that 3D printers are older than the first iPhone. The first 3D printer was invented in 1982 by Charles Hull and was called a Stereolithography device, the technology became popular only recently since it needed time to be refined and improved to make it more practical.

3D Printing Construction

Speaking of 3D printers, the technology is quickly advancing, and there's talk of implementing it in construction work in the near future. NASA is also looking into developing automated 3D printing robots that can be sent into space to construct entire space stations. However, this kind of implementation of 3D printing is still pretty far down the road.

Computing Power And The Climate

It's common knowledge that computers produce heat when they are running, an average laptop can easily get as hot as 70 to 80 degrees Celsius when in use, so imagine how much heat can larger setups produce. Extremely large setups can produce heat and carbon dioxide in large enough quantities to have an impact on the environment itself, Google's servers are reported to produce up to 200 tons of CO2 on a daily basis!

Microsoft's New Take on Large Scale Cooling

Producing CO2 isn't the only problem with large computing setups and data centers, the heat being produced effects performance, and therefore companies spend significant amounts of money on cooling solutions. Microsoft has recently come up with a proposal to build an underwater facility in the ocean to house their cloud data center. Named Project Natick, if it becomes a success, then the largest problem that every data center has to face might be eliminated in the future, turning large scale computing more eco-friendly and more efficient.

Storage Medium That Can Last Forever

Just last year scientists came up with a solution to help store data and have it withstand the test of time. Transparent 5D digital data disks made of glass are capable of holding 360TB of data for as long as 13.8 billion years, the Earth is only 4.5 billion years old. These discs are created with a process known as femto second laser writing and store data in five dimensions, each dimension consisting of nano structures, all of which combine to provide an extremely non-volatile storage medium.

The Storage Capacity of DNA

The oldest and most intricate piece of technology in the universe is perhaps the human body, our DNA has a staggering data storage capacity of 455 Exabyte; a single Exabyte contains one billion gigabytes. Just to put things into perspective; data from the entire world can be stored in just 4 grams of DNA.

Author Bio
Tom Carter is a passionate blogger, web developer, and a die-hard game lover. When he is neither writing his next blog post on his blog The Geekly News nor playing games, he often hangs out with his friends at the bowling alley.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

What You Should Know Before Taking Your PC to a Computer Repair Shop

by on 6:52 AM
We have all been there. You finally carve out some time to work on that project, to locate and e-mail some files, or just to browse the internet in order to conduct some research into a possible purchase. But you can’t. Your PC simply will not cooperate. It fights you at every turn. You go right, it goes left. You end up chasing your machine around in circles until, finally, you are left just staring at a circling wait icon, a stack of error dialog boxes, or worse even, a blank screen. The next step seems to be crawling under your desk and fighting the dust bunnies to unplug dozens of cables before packing the whole thing up to be taken to an expert. Stop. That might not be necessary. These are the things you need to know before taking your PC to a computer repair shop.

Five Easy Fixes You Can Do at Home Before Paying for Computer Repair

Before you spend time, energy, and money, sending your computer out, try a few easy fixes. These do not require any technical expertise, so don’t worry.
  • Reboot Your Computer - Hitting Control+Alt+Delete will bring up your start screen and present you with a few options. Select power off. Wait a few minutes and turn the machine back on. Often, rebooting will shut down competing processes and applications causing your issue.
  • System Updates - If you have not been great about allowing updates to your computer to download, it may be running slower than normal, or not at all. Make sure all system updates are installed before panicking and calling for repair. Find your updates by locating "settings" on your home screen and then selecting "updates". This can take some time, but it is well worth it.
  • Check Your Internet Connection - Often, slow speeds are caused by unstable or poor wi-fi connections. This is not your PC's fault. Blame your router, modem and ISP (internet service provider) instead. Power down your router and modem for a few minutes and then start them back up. Wait for the blinking light sequences to finish and then check your performance.
  • Check for Malicious Software (Viruses) - We all know that the internet is swarming with bits of software designed to take over your computer and ruin your life. Did you know that your machine probably has a very capable defense system against this already installed? Locate "settings" on your home screen and then select "security". The pre-installed anti-virus software provided with major operating systems is really quite good. Run a full scan and see what is identified. The software will quarantine anything suspicious and delete the malware upon your request.
  • Clean Your Machine - Most of us take great care of our keyboard and monitor. Those are the things guests see. But what about inside your case? Computers generate heat. To cool the electronic parts air flow is created through a series of fans and vents. If those vents become clogged your machine will run very hot and begin to work more slowly before eventually just dying altogether. The case can usually be opened by removing two or three screws. Carefully vacuum all of the dust you find. Your machine will breathe more easily and perform better when needed.

Maintenance is Important

These are five easy steps you can take before taking your PC to a computer repair shop. Most likely, one of them will fix your problem, saving you money and time. The key is to remember that like a car or any other complicated machine, computers require maintenance to continue to run as quickly as the day they were purchased. Fortunately, this maintenance is free and easy to do.

This was a guest post by Garrett Tate of Don’t Panic IT Solutions -

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