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Saturday, June 15, 2019

How to Earn Money From YouTube Simple Steps

by on 3:18 AM

How to Earn Money From YouTube Simple StepsYouTube is a truly exceptional platform it allows creators from all over the world not only to share the ideas with public but also we are in a living from it.

Do you want to start your own channel?
 If you want to start your own channel or perhaps if you already have one the most difficult question to ask is that how can you make your hobby a steady job?

What to do?

The answer of how to start with is that you can start with any of the topic you like you can create small cartoons, small animations, tutorials or you can teach some skills/subject. If not all these then you can simply share your lifestyle, yep people are doing it.


Next tip is that always choose the username after doing some research because the more complex the name is, it will be more difficult for you to make your channel a big one. Do research what people like to search in your area. What are the searching keywords of your target audience and choose the name accordingly. Make the name easy and memorable so that people may not say “I saw a beautiful, I just forgot the channel name”. Don't forget to add keywords which are connected to your content in the Google Plus account’s advanced setting for your channel.


Once you have your own YouTube channel it's time for you to work on the content and find the most suitable topics for your video. Don't try to make your video too long because a long video may bore, make it short and hit right on the target. Engage audience as much as you can make it interesting by insert the element of suspense thrill or something which keeps people engage to watch your video till the end.


Nothing happen in an instance everything takes time to grow big. So be patience and remember the quality of your video will eventually increase the target audience. Search videos of different youtubers from where you get inspiration because that is where from you can get the best idea.


Try to upgrade your things like use better camera, use better video editing software, remove noise sound from background. The more conscious you will be about your quality and content the quicker you grow.


Keep posting your videos on a regular interval in the start make it daily or make it at least once a week because it is very important to keep in touch with your audience. if you will not do that you will probably missed the chance of hitting the target.


The use of certain keyword is very important make sure that anybody who is interested in your video can easily find your video. So the use of tags must be very precise and you need to utilize them as better as you can. They can give you a secret boost.

Meeting the criteria?

According to YouTube policy you need at least 4,000 watch hours and 1000 subscriber before start making money. Approve AdSense account for you YouTube channel so that you can get the money. It requires PayPal account and valid address so make sure that you are more than 18 years old if you are not than ask your parents to help you.

Start Monetization? 

When the platform is well said you can enable monetization for your channel and can earn the money. After enabling monetization YouTube you can earn the money.
Don't be too shy share your videos on your social media and interact with your audience because this is really really important to interact with your viewers.

Monday, February 11, 2019

How to Earn Money Online With Freelancing

by on 9:14 AM

How to Earn Money Online With Freelancing

Spirit it requires?

Freelance is the best way to earn money online via internet. Danial Saleem one of the most prominent freelancer from Pakistan has earned more than 20 lakhs per month, which is equal to about 14000 US dollars. He belongs to a city called Mirpur in province of Sindh.  The city is not developed and always faces certain issues like light short fall and internet disconnection. But he stick to his idea and never give up. The slow and constant struggle worked for the Danial Saleem.  His story is a guideline for all the freelancers not to give up too early.

What is freelancing?   

Freelancing is quite similar to peoples who earns on daily basis by selling their skills in the market.  The only difference is the market you target is online. You specify your skills and then ask people to seek help from your service and you get paid in return.

Platforms of Freelancing:

There are many platforms which allows you to create an account and sell your skills some popular platforms are upwork, fiverr and there are many other platforms but these are the best one where you can sell your service and skills with good profit.

Work to start with:

There are different categories of work which you can do. The best one is to start with graphic designing. Graphic designing has vast market where millions of clients come for their task to be completed. Second to graphic designing is web development or Android application development.  Software development has an advanced market for the freelancers where billions of projects are delivered in a month if you are good in angular JS, php or WordPress then there is lot of work which you can do easily and earn some good amount.
The number third task is writing. If you are good in blogging, article writing or creative writing then you must pursue writing.  Here you have to recreate article sometimes, you have to write from beginning. The article must be unique interesting and eye catchy.  Well if you are good in writing then there is no trouble for you at all, it is the best way to go in.
Apart from that there are lots of other work which you can do as well like eBook writing or eBook selling, accounting, making presentation, video editing, photo editing and lots of other.

Part time/Full time?

 Most of the people ask the question that is freelancing a part time job or full time the best possible answer to this question is that it depends on person to person. If you are having a good job in a certain company then you can pursue freelancing as a part time. Make slow but consistent move, never leave your job before you getting a stable platform for freelancing.
If you are not having any job and you are free to give 24 hours to your freelancing career then you must take it as a full time job. Give it as much time as you can, do practice to enhance your skin because the competition is really tough you need to be at your best to send your service. If you are not having any job give it as much time as you can.

How to begin with?

There is another question people have been asking for many times. How to enter in a website where already more rated sellers are working? How to fetch a client in the beginning of a career? The answer to these complex question is very simple there are certain things that you need to remember and practice to have a good start for your freelance career:

  •  Make sure when you enter a website you have plenty of experience if not online then, offline you have your own work which you can present to the clients.  The expertise and skills that you possess must be different from others and has the ability to stand alone.
  • The second thing that you must keep in mind is that you will not start earning from the very first day it will take month or maybe more to build up your reputation and it is a gradual process that will take time. You have to be consistent and hardworking don't get upset in few days. Consistency is the key to begin with.
  • The last point is that make your social links stronger because this may help you in fetching clients.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

How to Earn Money Using OLX Without any Investment

by on 3:09 AM

What is OLX?

OLX was found in 2006. It is an online market place where you can buy and sell every item of your daily use and can sell any object you want. It not only deals with materialistic object but it also deal with the job vacancies, home tuition and other such stuff which is very very helpful in your daily life.

How earn using OLX?

There are two ways to earn money using OLX one is through investment and other one is without investment.

Let us discuss the first method first, remember that before starting out you must have a good experience in dealing with something particular or specific. Let us discuss it with an example. If you are knowledgeable enough about buying and reselling of cell phone and you knows the market price of cell phone and which cell phone has resale value?  If you know all these questions and is able to find answer of them easily then, it is highly recommended to you to go through this particular method to earn money via OLX. You can buy a cell phone from OLX as I described earlier that this method requires an investment which means you have to buy first and then you can sell it back on OLX or any other platform which you may like. Using this particular method you can sell property, vehicles, motorbikes electronics equipment’s and many other things in which you are good at dealing with.  It is not necessary to buy from OLX, you can buy it from your local market if the market gives you a good rate and you can sell that on OLX.  Before getting into the business always visit the market first to have a look what is the trending value of the object you are going to sell.   Don’t sell for too high rates because once you put advertise on OLX the competition begins. Give it a margin to compete with your competitors or else you may suffer. This method requires experience and expertise.  The margin of your profit is depend upon your skills how good you are in dealing with the peoples.

The second method is to sell your skill or something in which you are good at for example if you are a Hardware engineer and you can build certain hardware components, then you can sell your skill through OLX.  What you have to do is to put a well-managed and organized advertisement for your skills.  Make sure that it attracts people.  Try to send the skill which is in demand because if you are good in something but that particular thing is not in demand then it may not worth more.  So it's better to go with the trend but don't just haphazardly follow the demand expertise experience and skill is the major pillar of your success.

If you find this article interesting then let us know by giving us a feedback. Your feedback means a lot to us.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

How to Make Money by Buying and Selling Domains

by on 9:29 AM

How to Make Money by Buying and Selling Domains

Have you ever thought that buying and selling domain has just turn into a business and it has turned into a billion dollar industry? And it is estimated that within next couple of years it will be doubled because every single day 90000 domains are purchased.

In this article you will learn how to earn suitable amount of money by selling website domain you can sell web websites by yourself or you can sell it for someone else as well. One thing that you always need to remember is that it is not a free to start with. You need some investment to begin it can be $1 to $100 or even more. It depends on how much you want to invest. There are many websites where you can sell your domain like Godaddy and others but the best one is because it gives you a good margin of profit. Let’s make it in a way that you can buy domain from Godaddy and sell it on 

The best way to earn is to purchase domain for a website from Godaddy auction.  You have to make some serious research before purchasing a domain like traffic bandwidth and others. You can purchase domain you like it can be from $3 to $300 or even more.  You have to bid for domain you want to purchase.  Once you buy a domain you can sell it on is a wonderful platform where you can sell your establish websites buy classified into categories.

Another best way to buy and sell domain is to look what personality or any materialistic object that will impact the world within 1 or 2 years. It is just like a future planning where you can buy a domain for that particular thing and once it gets popular you can sell it for the profit you want. Let me give you an example imagine you are watching a football match and you just witness a player who is going to be a future star and is going to play for the Real Madrid in coming 2 years. And he is too young to do that, when in that particular case you can buy a domain of his name you can place is shirt number as well in the domain.  Once he gets popular you can sell the domain but, remember you have to be very accurate and precise while choosing such things or personalities.  Maybe you need to Google, what thing will impact the world of Internet after 1, 2 or 15 years? 

How To Earn Money Online With Fiverr

by on 9:18 AM

How To Earn Money Online With Fiverr

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a market place where one can sell his services or products as low as $5. It’s platform where people post their gigs as low as $5. Although it is not necessarily to charge $5 only. Some people charge $25 or $750. The range may lies in between $5 to $5000.

How to start work on fiverr?

Selling Services on Fiverr

The best way to start is to sell your own services or products you are good at something like video editing, video editing, graphic designing, writing or it can be your unique talent. But make sure that the service or product you are going to sell has some demand in online market. So you can use fiverr as a less freelance platform just like Upwork.

Reselling on Fiverr

The best approach is to sell someone else services or products without doing anything and without breaking any copyright act. Its PR articles and eBooks. PR stands for private label rights and it usually PLR products are those products that you can the way you like. You cannot claim them copyrights but you can rebrand it you can resell it you can modify it as well, It’s totally up to you. It is just like an investment where you have to buy PLR products first, which you can easily buy for $5. You can buy PLR products other than fiverr as well like

Important Things to Remember About Fiverr

Creating Thumbnail for Fiverr

Thumbnails are the most important feature that can boost up your fiverr gig. The more important the thumbnail is there is more chance that someone will click on your gig and buy it. So you have to work on it and create an attractive and converting thumbnail. Do come with new and eye-catching ideas but make sure that they are related to category of the products that you are going to sell. You can check the bestselling gigs in your category and then you can try similar things yet different to stand out in the competition.

Adding Description on Fiverr

First thing is always to check for the bestselling in your category and then go through their description. Try it in a similar fashion but don’t make it too dry or too simple. Add description about yourself or add a certain joke that may attract the client towards your gig. Remember not to over react because this might lead to negative impact.

Creating Gig on Fiverr

Fiverr has different selling levels for its sellers. The beginner or basic level only allows you to create 7 gigs. Once your level increases you can create more gigs. Try avail every single opportunity and create maximum number of gigs for your fiverr profile but make sure that every gig is of high quality and has the ability to stand firm in tough competition. If you face problem while managing your gigs it is highly recommended to go out with minimum but best gigs for your fiverr profile.

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